How It Works

You will see a treatment simulation
that depicts some key aspects
of the typical physioplux Clinical workflow.
It does not represent the full procedure though and it must be seen as a simple demonstration.

To watch the demonstration videos
please use a device with a wider screen,
such as a Tablet, a Laptop or a Desktop.
For a more detailed insight,
please request a Product Demo.

About Biofeedback

Biofeedback has an important role to facilitate
the movement especially during the initial stages
of training because it helps to correct
the task movements and consequently
achieve the target performance.

Using biofeedback increases motivation and active
participation of the patient as well as the success
of the intervention and maintenance of the results.

Let's Get Started

Step 1

Muscle Activation Order

Step 2

Maximum Voluntary Contractions

Step 3

Neuromuscular Control

Step 4

Thresholds on Training